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  • Research article - Medical Published: Nov 29, 2018

    Expression of Glutamate Transporters EAAC1, GLAST, GLT-1 in Neonatal White Matter Play a Role in Brain Excitotoxicity

    Previous studies have focussed on the expression of glutamate transporters in myelinated and mature mice optic nerves. This work investigates glutamate transporters expression in isolated immature rat optic nerves (day 0) (P0) in which myelination has not yet commenced. We have revealed the cellular distribution of glutamate transporters in the…

    -Tahani R. Huria, and Samir Elmrghni

  • Research article - Medical Published: Nov 09, 2018

    Abnormalities of Human Identification by Amelogenin Test in Libyans (Benghazi City)

    Sex typing is essential in the medical diagnosis of sex-linked disease and forensic science. Gender for criminal evidence of offender is usually as the initial information for the investigation. For individualization, identification of gender is performed in addition to the STR markers recently. The most popular gene included in the…

    -Samir Elmrghni, and Fatma Fathala

  • Editorial - Lifesciences Published: Dec 07, 2017

    NuBCP-9 for Cancer Therapy: A Nanotechnological Approach

    Chemotherapeutics are antineoplastic agents that are widely used for number of malignancies but they cause toxicity and development of multidrug resistance. Therapeutics peptides (TP’s) represent a new wave of anticancer agents which have shown promising results]. They inhibit or mimic protein–protein interactions in a specific manner that may lead to…

    -Sumeet Kapoor, Swati Ojha, Aji Alex, and Amit K. Gupta

  • Editorial - Lifesciences Published: Sep 26, 2017

    Gene Therapy: A New Hope for Medical Science

    Completion of Human Genome Project (HGP) in 2003 is one of the greatest breakthroughs in the field of biomedical research. It tremendously helped the researchers to understand the genetic etiopathogenesis of a number of heart-shocking diseases like cancer, AIDS, haemophilia, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, infections, neuro-degenerative (Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s) diseases…

    -Abhimanyu Mohanta

  • Research article - Medical Published: Sep 18, 2017

    A Study of 19 Pulmonary Cryptococcosis Cases

    Pulmonary cryptococcosis (PC) is a subacute or chronic visceral fungal disease caused by Cryptococcus neoformans infection [1]. In recent years, the incidence of cryptococcal infection has shown an apparent upward trend [2,3]. Because of the atypical clinical manifestations of pulmonary cryptococcosis, clinical diagnosis is difficult, we have collected 19 cryptococcal…

    -Feng-Li Zhou*, Jia-Xin Zhu, Xiao-Ling Zou, Ding-Yun Feng, and Tian-Tuo Zhang