Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Husbandry

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  • Research article - Medical Published: Jul 30, 2019

    Effect of Bacteriophage Application on the Formation and Removal of Listeria monocytogenes Biofilms

    Biofilms can be defined as community of microorganisms exists on biotic or abiotic surfaces which enclosed in a self-produced extracellular polymeric substance. When biofilms are formed, bacterial cells become more resistant to antimicrobial agents and harsh conditions. L. monocytogenes is one of the most popular bacteria that is known for…

    -Nazli Firdevs KEKILLIOGLU, Gizem CUFAOGLU, and Naim Deniz AYAZ*

  • Case report - Medical Published: Sep 12, 2017

    Dental Implants as a Treatment Option for Lost Teeth in Feline and Canine Patients

    Felines and canines are obligate carnivores, which use their teeth for tearing and dissecting their food. As mastication is the first step of digestion, it increases the surface area of the food to be initially digested by salivary enzymes and more easily swallowed. Teeth play an important role in mastication,…

    -Gregori M. Kurtzman

  • Short communication - Medical Published: Aug 08, 2016

    Equine Foot MRI: Past, Present and Future

    Since its introduction in the late 1970s, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become the diagnostic imaging modality of choice for the majority of musculoskeletal disorders in human medicine. MRI is a non-invasive diagnostic tool which provides excellent soft tissue contrast and depiction of bone marrow, ligaments, tendons and cartilage without…

    -Jan-Hein Swagemakers, Christoph Vente, and Mahmoud Mageed

  • Review article - Medical Published: Apr 11, 2016

    A Review of In Vitro Culture Systems in Bovine Reproductive Biotechnologies

    In vitro embryo production (IVP) is currently one of the most important biotechnologies in cattle breeding and husbandry. In vitro embryo technologies have enabled the production in large numbers of embryos of superior breeds in various livestock animals and allows for embryo transfer at low costs. Improvement of in vitro…

    -Alper Kocyigit

  • Editorial - Medical Published: Sep 16, 2015

    Endocrine Disruptors and their Harmful Health Implications: Between Old Thoughts and New Findings

    Many environmental chemicals, such as pesticides, have been experimentally demonstrated that they adversely affect the endocrine processes, known as endocrine disruptors (EDs). Endocrine disrupting chemicals are endocrine-modifying substances that have “weak intrinsic hormonal or anti-hormonal activity” and affect the balance of normal hormonal functions [1,2]. Several studies regarding exposure to…

    -Eman Ahmed, Mohamed M. Abdel-Daim