Journal of Respiratory and Lung Diseases

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  • Research article - Medical Published: Apr 26, 2018

    Analysis of the Occurrence of Respiratory Disorders in Workers in the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry

    The Sri Lankan apparel industry is the primary foreign exchange generating industry in the country ($ 400 Million (BOI, 2017)). Total exports of the industry in 2016 were $ 4.2 billion, which was approximately 40% of the country’s total exports (ibid). In addition, the industry contributed approximately 6% to the…

    -Chamara Senadeera

  • Research article - Medical Published: Sep 18, 2017

    A Study of 19 Pulmonary Cryptococcosis Cases

    Pulmonary cryptococcosis (PC) is a subacute or chronic visceral fungal disease caused by Cryptococcus neoformans infection [1]. In recent years, the incidence of cryptococcal infection has shown an apparent upward trend [2,3]. Because of the atypical clinical manifestations of pulmonary cryptococcosis, clinical diagnosis is difficult, we have collected 19 cryptococcal…

    -Feng-Li Zhou*, Jia-Xin Zhu, Xiao-Ling Zou, Ding-Yun Feng, and Tian-Tuo Zhang

  • Research article - Medical Published: May 15, 2017

    Clinical Outcomes of Pulmonary Hypertension in Children with Pneumonia and Respiratory Failure

    Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a disease with increasing prevalence (5–25 cases/million inhabitants) and an incidence of 1–2.4 cases/year/million inhabitants. The association between pulmonary arterial hypertension and acute respiratory diseases is less clear. The principal objective of this study is to investigate the association between PH and mortality, duration of hospital…

    -María C. Guzmán, Ledys M. Izquierdo, Darling Carvajal, Beatriz Duque, and Carlos Rodriguez-Martinez

  • Research article - Medical Published: Mar 03, 2017

    Human Chitotriosidase in Lung and Liver Fibrosis

    Chitotriosidase may promote tissue repair responses associated with injury produced by adaptive Th2 responses in liver and pulmonary fibrosis associated with sarcoidosis. This enzyme is a useful biomarker and a potential therapeutic target in different inflammatory and fibrotic lung diseases. Its role has not been documented for all interstitial lung…

    -Elena Bargagli, Massimo Pistolesi, Elisabetta Rosi, Antje Prasse, and Luca Voltolini

  • Research article - Medical Published: Aug 10, 2016

    Microbial Cultures of the Respiratory Tract in Familial Dysautonomia Lung Disease

    Familial Dysautonomia (FD), also known as Riley-Day Syndrome, and Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy type III (HSAN III), is an autosomal recessive disease mostly affecting people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Patients with FD have abnormal development of autonomic and sensory nervous system, resulting in malfunction of most body systems, such…

    -Eliana M. Wintner, Natalia Simanovsky, Colin Block, Channa Maayan