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Alexey Moskalev

Designation : Head of the Department
University/Organisation : Syktyvkar State University
Qualification : Ph.D
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Dr. Alexey Moskalev is working as a Head of the Department in Laboratory of Genetics of Aging and Longevity and Head in Department of Ecology and Head in Laboratory of Molecular Radiobiology and Gerontology at Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russia. He have been working in the area of genetics of aging, focusing on the effect of low doze ionizing radiation on lifespan and aging of Drosophila strains with defects in apoptosis, DNA repair and defense genes.  He specialist in the field of genetics of longevity and aging. He studies regulation mechanisms of the rate of aging, longevity and stress resistance in animal models (DNA repair, heat shock proteins, NF-kB, Tor and PI3K-signaling cascade, apoptosis). He was a contributor in creating a database of biomarkers of aging Digital Ageing Atlas. He published more than 90 papers in national and international journals.