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Gianluca Polese

Designation : Assistant Professor
University/Organisation : University of Naples
Qualification : Ph.D
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Dr. Gianluca Polese is working as Assistant Professor of Zoology and Parasitology, University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy. He received “Polak Young Investigator Award” from Hyatt Sarasota, FL, USA. His research focuses on changes in the olfactory system over the course of vertebrate and invertebrate evolution working on different model (Cephalopod, Fish, Amphibian, Reptile and Mammalian). He is investigating chemosensory-guided behavior. This includes studies of chemical signaling in courtship and mating behavior, parental care and examining the role of chemical senses in foraging behavior as well as attempts to isolate the compounds involved. His specializations are Ethological analysis, Electrophysiology Surgical manipulation, Hormonal treatment Tracer application, Immunocitochemistry, Istochemistry, and Microscopy.