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Joao Pedro da Silva Ramos Barreiros

Designation : Aggregate Professor
University/Organisation : University of the Azores
Qualification : Ph.D
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Dr. Joao Pedro da Silva Ramos Barreiros is presently a full time Aggregate Professor at the Faculty of Agrarian and Environmental Sciences, University of the Azores, Portugal. His research focuses on amphi-Atlantic fish ecology, namely Macaronesia, Gulf of Guinea and Brazil. Other aquatic predators, especially within the Amazon basin. East 18 Africa (Mozambique) and studying crocodilians (Caribbean, Africa, S America). Also studying conflicts between wild animals and humans. He has ongoing projects in Brazil (Amazon basin, S littoral coral reefs) and Africa (mostly the Island of São Tomé) and in the Azores (apex predatory fish, cetaceans and marine turtles). He published nearly 100 articles in peer reviewed national and international journals and eight books and chapters.