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Caterina Faggio

Designation : Professor
University/Organisation : University of Messina
Qualification : Ph.D
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Dr. Caterina Faggio is working as Professor Researcher in the Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences, University of Messina, Italy. Her research topics encompass different research fields: mechanisms of osmoregulation and acid secretion in fish gastrointestinal tract by electrophysiology; effects of environmental contaminants and food additives on salt transports in teleost intestine; cell volume regulation in fish intestine and hepatocytes and digestive cell of mussels by videometric method; mechanisms responsible of the eryptosis (apoptosis of human red blood cells); cytotoxicity on human erythrocytes, on mussel digestive cells of chemistry compounds and algal extracts; hematological and serological parameters in seawater teleosts that dwell in different habitat: lake, sea and fish farm; effects of heavy metal and xenobiotics on mussels digestive cells and hemocytes; oxidative stress markers and health status in non-target aquatic organisms. She has numerous publications in prestigious international journals and various presentations in both national and international meeting.