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Taghreed Alsufyani

Designation : Assistant Professor
University/Organisation : Taif University
Qualification : Ph.D
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Dr. Taghreed Alsufyani is working as Assistant Professor of organic chemistry in chemistry Department at Taif University, KSA. She was a member of the green chemistry research performing laboratory experiments for the curriculum of principles of organic chemistry, using the technology of green microscale chemistry, kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her research interest is in exploring all the infochemicals released into the environment by algae and their associated bacteria or other organisms either in symbiotic or detrimental relation. The industrial applications of macro and micro algae are of her interest such as biodiesel production, waste water biofilteration in addition to the medical application of algae. Since 2015, she has established the algal research laboratory and began her investigation of algal chemical ecology as well as the applications of algae in biotechnology processes such as water treatment and bioenergy production.