Genetics and Genetic Disorders

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  • Research article - Medical Published: Feb 16, 2017

    Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for A Y; 14 Translocation; Consideration of Meiotic Outcomes and Embryo Choice

    Approximately one in every 300 people in the general population carries a balanced chromosome rearrangement. These are primarily balanced reciprocal translocations (prevalence approximately 1 in 500) and Robertsonian translocations (approximately 1 in 1000) but also include inter- and intra-chromosomal insertions, deletions, pericentric inversions and complex chromosome rearrangements.

    -Angela F Davies, Susan Bint, Alison Lashwood, Yacoub Khalaf, and Caroline Ogilvie

  • Research article - Medical Published: Jan 25, 2017

    A Novel Variant in the SCN5A Gene May Cause Brugada Syndrome

    Brugada Syndrome (BrS) is a cardiac arrhythmogenic entity characterized in the electrocardiogram (ECG) by spontaneous or drug-induced ST segment elevation in the right precordial leads (V1-V3), often referred to as a type-I BrS pattern [1]. This electric alteration can cause syncope and sudden cardiac death (SCD) in a structurally normal…

    -Oscar Campuzano, Sergi Cesar, Elena Arbelo, Georgia S. Brugada, Anna Fernandez, Alexandra P. Serra,

  • Letter to editor - Medical Published: Jun 28, 2016

    Units of Clinical Gestion: An Efficient Way to Improve Outcomes of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate

    Clinical management is a way of taking decisions which is changing to a method of controlling the variability of medical practice, and nowadays is increasing interest for clinical and economic reasons [1]. The scientific community and the population require finding a method in which variations in medical practice, do not…

    -Miriam G. Gonzalez* and Jesus C. Bouzan

  • Editorial - Medical Published: Oct 30, 2015

    Genetics and Gentic Disorders: Inaugural Issue

    GGD will focus on clinically relevant genetical research and additional issues. Genetics and Gentic Disorders is an international online open access peer reviewed journal which offers an important forum for researchers to exchange the latest results from research on genetics, syndromes and gene therapies. This journal covers pathology of genetic…

    -Mehmet Nuri Konya

  • Editorial - Medical Published: Oct 05, 2015

    Epigenetic Regulation and Aging

    The role of epigenetic alteration in the pathophysiology of many diseases and its age-associated impacts on the course of an individual’s life is striking! There is a strong and crucial ongoing dynamic interaction between genetics and epigenetics that is associated with the complexity of aging processes. Epigenetic mechanism is referred…

    -Satyajit Patra