Elyns Joural of Surgery

Call for Paper

Dear Authors,

I am Alexandre Zanchenko Fonseca, Editor-in-Chief, and I thank you for your interest in the Elyns Journal o Surgery.  I assure you, I am fully committed to making this journal respected in our specialty.  At a time when we are all receiving daily requests from all over the globe to submit, serve as Editors, make presentations, legitimacy is a serious question.  It is my goal to get this journal endorsed by DOAJ and listed in PubMed, but I need your help.

We are planning our inaugural issue, and planning a quarterly publication schedule initially.  With our first issue containing minimum five research articles we will receive our ISSN.  Upon publishing our first 25 peer reviewed articles; we are eligible to apply for PubMed.  So my goal is to have 8 peer-reviewed original articles per issue, in addition to other features, which are outlined below.

In addition, I urge you to contact your colleagues, as well as other friends in Surgery, and ask them to submit. 

I would like our publication to stand out in our specialty, so I would like to include certain topics and sections each issue.  

From the Bridge:  A commentary from the Editor-in-Chief on a current topic, or overview of the issue.

From the Board:  An editorial from one of our Board Members.  Each of you will be asked to contribute in turn, on a rotating based.  At this point, that looks like it will be once every 3 years.

Original Papers:  Ideal 8 to 10 per issue

Case Reports:  I am hesitant to include case reports, but there are few publications which accept them. This will give us some added visibility, but I will be highly selective, and anticipate only 1 or 2 per issue. 

Resident's Corner:  A section for a resident to give a commentary regarding Surgery from their point of view.

Nurse's Corner:  A section for surgical nurses to give a commentary regarding Surgery from their point of view.

Review topic of the Month:  A review of a current topic in Surgery, based on a review of the literature.

Between Cases:  A point-counterpoint of a current topic.

History of Surgery:  An essay addressing the history of a procedure, a surgeon of significance, and other related topics.

The OR Lounge: A section for how I do it, surgical tricks, pearls.

I have come up with the section names, but they are in no way fixed.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or better names, please share.

Please submit your manuscript at our online submission system.

Thank you all!

Dr. Alexandre Zanchenko Fonseca 

Editor in Chief

Elyns Journal of Surgery

Elyns Group LLC

26 foxtail LN,

NJ 08852, USA