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  • Research article - Medical Published: Aug 24, 2018

    The Heart Club: Establishing Surgery on the Heart

    The history of heart surgery is well known and very well documented but the record is predominately of ‘firsts’ and early successes. Later accounts are in the form of reflections and reminiscences of great men: it is largely written as a ‘Victors History’. A book of rediscovered minutes of a…

    -Tom Treasure

  • Research article - Medical Published: Dec 28, 2017

    Comparison of Abdominal Pain and Postoperative Complications for Histologically Inflamed and Non-Inflamed Appendix Following Laparoscopic Appendectomy

    Acute appendicitis has been reported to be the third most common cause of emergency general surgical admissions after abscesses and non-specific abdominal pain. Appendectomy has been the treatment of this condition. With an open approach, the appendix is removed even when the appendix looks normal to avoid confusion in the…

    -Kamal R. Aryal* and Raju Limbu

  • Research article - Medical Published: Sep 28, 2017

    Comparison of Aesthetic Results and Quality of Life after Breast Reconstruction by DIEP vs. PAP, SGAP, TUG and Latissimus Dorsi

    The donor site is rarely discussed when planning for breast reconstruction. The aesthetic outcome, and its impact on quality of life, plays an important role in patient satisfaction. We are comparing the SGAP (superior gluteal artery perforator) flap, PAP (profunda femoral artery perforator) flap, TUG (transverse upper gracilis) flap and…

    -Samah Abedalthaqafi, Vincent Hunsinger, Nawaf Aljudaibi, Kevin Haddad, Julia Salleron, Mikael Hiveli

  • Case report - Medical Published: Sep 12, 2017

    A Case Report of the Four-Year Elusive Retrohepatic Gallbladder

    Anomalous positions of the gallbladder have been reported previously in the literature, but more often than not in isolated incidences only. Whether it is left-sided, intrahepatic, suprahepatic, floating or retrohepatic like the case to be presented below, there have only been single case reports or small study reports written in…

    -Allison Superneau, Glen Lowery, William Kendall, and Hussein Osman-Mohamed

  • Review article - Medical Published: Feb 10, 2017

    Pediatric Abdominal Trauma in Sub Saharan Africa

    Trauma is recognized as a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in children worldwide. Trauma to the abdomen in children can occur isolated, but frequently, in association with other regions of the body. It is now being increasingly recognized as a significant health problem in African children. Whereas childhood infectious…

    -Okoro P. Ekemenye