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  • Research article - Medical Published: Aug 31, 2018

    The Effect of Isosulfan Blue Used for Sentinel Lymphnode Biopsy on Methemoglobine Level

    The status of the axillary lymph nodes is the strongest prognostic indicator for patients with breast carcinoma. Lymphatic mapping and sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) are routinely used for staging of patients with clinically negative lymph nodes. A sentinel lymph node is described as any lymph node which is receiving…

    -Tolga Totoz, Gulcin Ercan, Sitki N. Sinikoglu, Mustafa Tukenmez, Enver Ozkurt, Oguz Koc, Osman B. Gu

  • Research article - Medical Published: Aug 28, 2018

    Delayed Presentation of Blunt Traumatic Rupture of the Left Ventricle: Successful Surgical Repair

    Cardiac rupture secondary to blunt trauma is encountered in 0.045% of patients who present to the hospital alive, and has an overall survival of only 10% [1]. It is found in more than a third of patients who sustain fatal blunt thoracic trauma. This suggests that while blunt traumatic cardiac…

    -Kathryn McGhee, Leonard O. Barrett, and Jody DiGiacomo

  • Review article - Medical Published: Jul 06, 2018

    Surgical Management of Humeral Shaft Fractures – What is the Best Choice?

    Current operative options include intramedullary nailing (IMN), open-reduction and internal fixation (ORIF), and minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis (MIPO). While IMN and ORIF are well-established approaches, MIPO is a relatively new approach. This article will explore which approach is the best-treatment option for patients requiring operative management for humeral fractures.

    -Katherine Connors, and Jessica Hawken