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  • Short communication - Pharmacy Published: Dec 05, 2016

    Qbd in Developing Topical Dosage Forms

    In pharmaceutical industry the quality by testing (QbT) system is used to ensure the drug product quality which is an unbending process with its bound specifications for manufactured batches. Flexibility is limited as change at every stage requires submission of a supplement with respect to change to the USFDA (United…

    -Hitesh V. Chavda

  • Editorial - Pharmacy Published: Apr 18, 2016

    Nanopharmaceuticals: The Pharmaceuticals of the Present Era

    Nanopharmaceutics shelter all aspects of nanotechnology based pharmaceutics that applies to formulation, development and delivery aspects of pharmaceuticals. Nanomaterials (nano size materials) that bring unique shapes and functionalities and nanodevices show a strategic role in pharmaceutical nanotechnology. Nanopharmaceutics is the hope of healthcare and has enormous promise. The pharmaceutical industries…

    -Hitesh Chavda