Elyns Joural of Surgery

Editorial Board

Alexandre Zanchenko Fonseca

University of Santo Amaro

Alexandre Zanchenko Fonseca has graduated in Faculty of Medicine from the University of Santo Amaro (2005), specialization in…

Bruno Nardo

University of Bologna

Dr. Bruno Nardo earned medical degree and license in Medicine and Surgery, University of Bologna in 1985; Residency in general…

Sertan Ergun

Istanbul University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sertan Ergun was born in Istanbul, Turkey in the year of 1976. He graduated the faculty of dentistry in 2000.…

Francesco Pollari

Paracelsus Medical University Nuremberg

Dr. Francesco Pollari is an Assistant cardiac surgeon in Klinikum Nürnberg – Paracelsus Medical University Nuremberg, Germany.…

Giovanni Dapri

Saint-Pierre University

Giovanni Dapri is Professor of Surgery and Anatomy in Brussels (Belgium). He is Founder and Director of the International School…

Stephanie Santin Padovesi

Santo Amaro University

Dr. Stephanie Santin Padovesi currently working as visiting professor at Nove de Julho University, Brazil and also working as assistant…