Journal of Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology

Aims and Scope

The journal covers the following aspects but not restricted to

  • Databases, bio-grid, system biology
  • Biomedical image processing, modelling and simulation
  • Bio-ontology and data mining, DNA assembly, clustering, mapping
  • Computational genomics/proteomics
  • Silico technology: computational intelligence, high performance computing
  • E-health, telemedicine
  • Gene expression, microarrays, identification, annotation
  • Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, neural networks, data visualisation
  • Hidden Markov models, machine learning, support vector machines
  • Molecular evolution, phylogeny, modelling, simulation, sequence analysis
  • Parallel algorithms/architectures, computational structural biology
  • Phylogeny reconstruction algorithms, physiome, protein structure prediction
  • Sequence assembly, search, alignment
  • Signalling/computational biomedical data engineering
  • Simulated annealing, statistical analysis, stochastic grammars