Elyns Journal of Material Science and Techniques

Gongping Liu, Nanjing Tech University

Dr. Gongping Liu is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at Nanjing Tech University, China. His current research focuses on rational designing and engineering of advanced membranes mainly derived from inorganic-polymer composite materials (e.g., MOFs-, zeolite- and silica- filled mixed matrix membranes), two-dimensional materials (e.g., graphene) and asymmetric hollow fibers, which are applied for energy and environment based on molecular separations including CO2 removal/capture, organic compounds recovery and purification, and membrane-intensified processes. Dr. Liu had more than 40 journal papers with over 1000 citations and H-index 18 (Google Scholar) and 10 presentations at international conferences and 8 granted patents.

About the Journal

Elyns Journal of Material Science and Techniques is an international online open access peer reviewed journal which acts as a primary venue for research, review and commentary on engineering technologies and material sciences. This journal covers processing, physical properties of metallics and non-metallics, applications and advanced techniques in metallurgy. 

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