Journal of Gerontology and Aging Research

Ana Coto-Montes, Oviedo University

Dr. Ana Coto-Montes is Professor of Cell Biology in Oviedo University, Spain. Before this position she was working as researcher in Denmark, Germany and USA studying the effects of oxidative stress and autophagy in different animal models and under several experimental conditions. She is a team leader of a research group named cellular response to oxidative stress and our research focus is aging in a very wide sense and we have published more than 80 international papers on this topic. Search of frailty biomarkers in hip fracture patients and study of damage induced by obesity are our main upcoming projects.

About the Journal

Journal of Gerontology and Aging Research is an online open access peer reviewed journal that provides access to most valuable and exciting reports mainly related to geriatrics and aging process. JGAR publishes research and review articles, case reports, short communications related to geriatric diseases, treatment procedures, geriatric care, aging issues. 

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