Elyns Journal of Urology

Zoran Persec, Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Croatia

Dr. Persec is an Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Urology in Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from University of Zagreb, Scholl of Medicine, trained in Urology at Clinical Hospital Dubrava and University Hospital Centar Zagreb, Croatia. He is a member of the European Urological Association and Steering Committee of the Croatian Urological Society. His clinical and research interests are in the field of urologic oncology (prostate cell cancer, renal cancer, bladder cancer), male sexual health and all aspect of minimal invasive treatment of urolithiasis. He has research experience in urology and anthropology with a number of publications in international journals. Also, he is invited speaker at local and national professional meetings.


About the Journal

Elyns Journal of Urology is an international online open access peer reviewed journal which acts as a forum for clinical practitioners and researchers to provide complete, reliable source of information in field of urology. This journal mainly focuses on various topics related to kidneys and their functional problems, dialysis procedures and dialysis substances, kidney transplantation methods, transplant evaluation process, possible and potential complications.

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