Andrology and Gynecology Reports

Artur Wdowiak, Medical University of Lubin

Dr. Artur Wdowiak is working  as an Associate Professor and Head of Diagnostic Techniques Unit in Medical University of Lubin, Poland. Since 2013 he is the president of International Scientific Association for the support and development of Medical Technologies and editor-in-chief of European Journal of Medical Technologies. Besides the University, he deals with assisted reproduction techniques in Ovum Specialist Medical Centre in Lublin. He received his Ph.D from Medical University of Lublin in 1996. He is the author and co-author of many scientific reports and chapters in handbooks. His research interests include male and female infertility, importance of environmental factors within the scope of problems concerning human reproduction, use of the latest technologies in the IVF procedure.

About the Journal

Andrology and Gynecology Reports is an online open access peer reviewed journal devoted to the international exchange of research activities in fields of andrology and gynecology. This journal reports principally the research activities on male and female reproductive systems, development of new techniques to minimize reproductive diseases. It also publishes manuscripts related to gynecology, menstrual cycle, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer etc,.

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