The central idea of ELYNS is to make the scholarly
literature and scientific wisdom free and open to the
scientific as well as the common world.

Elyns Group Advertisement Policy

The policy applies to all the advertisements that are displayed on the Elyns website and its associated journal pages:

1. Elyns Group or its journals does not guarantee or endorse the company, product, service or the claims made for the company, which appears in the advertisements published in the site

2. Elyns group sells the advertisement space in its journals independent of the journal content and without information in relevance to specific editorial content. Advertising willnot influence editorial decisions or content.

3. Advertisements cannot be placed adjacent to scientific content (Full Texts).In-text linking within an article to an advertisement is not allowed.

4. Products or services advertised in the Elyns Group shall be relevant to, effective in, and useful in (a) the practice of medicine, (b) medical research, (c) medical education, (d) medical engineering, and (e) health care delivery and shall be commercially viable.

5. The health related products or services that are of interest to physicians, research scientists, and health-related professionals are also eligible for advertising.

6. All the necessary approvals and permissions must be taken from the relevant regulatory agencies and bodies before applying for advertising.

7. The general purpose foods such as bread, meats, fruits, & vegetables, special purpose foods (e.g. protein powders, foods for carbohydrate restricted diets, therapeutic diets), FDA approved dietary supplements are eligible for advertisements when their uses are supported by acceptable data.

8. Health care books will be advertised and a copy of the book should be provided for review.

9. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products in any form, pornographic products will not be advertised.

10. Any products or services which are not in the above classifications may be eligible for advertising if they satisfy the general principles of the Elyns Group advertisement policy.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Elyns Group reserves the right to require advertisers to provide scientific and technical data to verify any claim made within an advertisement.

2. The visitors should not be redirected to the advertiser’s website unless the user clicks on the advertisement.

3. The logo of the Elyns Group and its journals should not appear on the commercial websites of the advertiser without prior written consent.

4. The word advertisement shall appear clearly above the advertisements.

5. The advertisement should be clearly distinct and easily distinguishable from editorial content.

6. The advertiser and the product being advertised should be clearly visible in the advertisement.

7. All the advertisement are subject to review by the Editor-in-Chief and overseen by the editorial office.

8. Unfair comparison of the products or services should not be made in the advertisements.

9. Advertisements and the URLs to which they are linked should not be deceptive and misleading.

10. Elyns Group may, in its absolute discretion, refuse to accept any advertisement which does not comply with the above requirements or which it considers contrary to the ethics, mission and standards.